Goodwill Re-opening Arden Store as a Furniture Outlet

Source: Goodwill  |  2016-12-09

Goodwill Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada is excited to announce the re-opening of its Arden Way Store as a furniture outlet. The store, located at 2265 Arden Way in Sacramento, will open on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 11am. Regular store hours will be 11am – 7pm, seven days per week.

Goodwill’s first furniture store in the region will employ 8 team members, and features 10,000 square feet of retail space, and an opportunity to find that piece of furniture at a bargain price without having to drive all over Sacramento!

Donations can be dropped off at the nearby Alta Arden store, contributing to a greener community while supporting Goodwill’s services to thousands of people living in the region. Recycling, reducing and reusing is at the heart of Goodwill’s stores and Donation Xpress centers, to move the needle on environmental concerns and reinvest the revenue back into the community – a win-win for all!

The items that are generously donated by the community help support Goodwill’s training and employment programs for disadvantaged youth, adults, seniors and veterans, along with supporting various community non-profits that offer shelter, housing, emergency services, food and resources. The sale of donated goods in stores provides critical funding to support these programs that together have provided over 500,000 services to disadvantaged individuals so far this year.

“Successful stores are critical to Goodwill’s mission, as retail revenue helps support the agency’s many human services, providing support for five area non-profits” states Karen McClaflin, Chief Development Officer for Goodwill. “We provide critical back-office functions as well as fundraising and grant writing to our partner organizations – Next Move/Francis House Center, People of Progress, Wind Youth Services and Community Link Capital Region – who offer coordinating support services to disadvantaged people.”

“A Christmas Journey” Benefit

Source: Northminster Presbyterian Church  |  2016-12-08

The holiday season is a special time of year - the sights, the sounds, the gatherings with friends, the opportunity to reach out and help others who are less fortunate.  On December 18 at 4 p.m., 3235 Pope Avenue, you are invited to help others while enjoying an afternoon of holiday music from around the world with Bel Tempo, a community handbell choir sponsored by Northminster Presbyterian Church.

This year’s concert, “A Christmas Journey,” is a benefit for St. John’s Program for Real Change, previously known as St. John’s Shelter for Women and Children. The Program provides more than shelter and food.  It provides the ability to rise above devastating, negative elements and achieve job-readiness and self-sustainability.

The concert has become a holiday tradition for music lovers of all ages. In addition to handbell music, Bel Tempo will be joined by a soloist on English horn; and a variety of percussion instruments will also be highlighted.  Audience members will also have a chance to ring-along with hand chimes and join in a Christmas carol sing-along. There is no fee for the concert. Instead, a freewill offering will be taken to benefit St. John’s Program for Real Change.

For more information, call (916) 487-5192 or go to

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Music for the Christmas Season - Celebrating Schola's 25th Anniversary

Sacred Heart’s Schola Cantorum and Conductor Donald Kendrick will present a Christmas Concert in Sacred Heart Church, 39th at J Street in Sacramento, on Saturday, December 17th at 8 PM and on Sunday, December 18th at 2 PM.

Schola’s 25th annniversary Christmas program entitled 'From Heaven On High' will feature new and traditional carols from many centuries, beginning with chant in darkness.  The choir will also sing new arrangements of carols by American composers that will feature Beverly Wesner-Hoehn, Harp, Cindy Behmer, Oboe, and Ryan Enright, Organ.  The performance includes works by Culloton, Wilberg, Paulus, Warland, Willcocks, Stopford and Rutter. Schola has five Christmas CD’s and additional CDs featuring music for the liturgical year. The CDs will be available at the concert.

Schola Cantorum has appeared in concert throughout the West Coast and in England, Spain, Italy, Canada and Austria. In 2007 Schola performed in the Vatican for the Pope and they returned to Italy in 2013 to sing in St. Peter’s in Rome. Schola will celebrate its 25th anniversary with an international tour to Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and Prague in June 2017.

Saturday, December 17, 2016 at 8 PM

Sunday, December 18, 2016 at 2 PM

1040 39th Street, Sacramento

Suggested Donation
$15 General
$10 Students/Seniors (60+)

Some Tickets available at the door
Tickets: Schola's voice mail: (850) 545-4298 (or at the door)

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Blue Lives Matter

Commentary by Senator Ted Gaines  |  2016-12-08

Senator Ted Gaines

A handful of California families will find it hard to celebrate the holidays this year because they lost their fathers and brothers to senseless violence.

On October 19, Sheriff’s Deputy Jack Hopkins of Modoc County responded to a disturbance call and was shot and killed in the line of duty. He was only 31. On October 6, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Steve Owen was shot dead responding to a burglary. The two deaths are a somber reminder that for our peace officers, their lives are on the line every time they are on patrol.

Each of these losses, hundreds of miles apart in our vast state, was a tragedy. But the same month, something far more sinister played out here, showing that America and our law enforcement have entered a new, more dangerous and shameful era that threatens the foundation of the lawful and civil society we enjoy.

Two Palm Springs police officers, Lesley Zerebny, 27, and Jose “Gil” Vega, 63, we murdered in a planned attack committed by John Hernandez Felix. These deaths did not occur during the commission of another crime, they were the crime. Felix set a trap for the officers and ambushed them, shooting them down in cold blood. It was not a one-off event.

In late November, a San Antonio policeman was ambush murdered as well. And, devastatingly, this summer’s hateful and violent anti-police protests culminated in the sickening assassination of five innocent police officers in Dallas. I only wish that the list was complete, but it’s not.

Driven by the media’s hysterical coverage of any shooting death that fits their political narrative of minority oppression at the hands of police, we’re trending into and upside down world where the protectors are viewed as predators. That’s wrong. It’s the open, politically inspired murder of police that is the real “hate crime” epidemic.

In this overheated environment, it’s little surprise that year-over-year law enforcement firearm-related deaths are up 67-percent in 2016.

This growing hostility towards the police is terrible for the men and women who serve to keep us safe, and it’s changing the way they police, with distressing effect.

The “Ferguson Effect” describes a retreat from effective, proactive policing that has been one driver of a multi-decade crime decline that is in danger of reversing. It’s a term rooted in the Ferguson Police shooting of strong-arm robber Michael Brown, where the infamous and false “hands up, don’t shoot!” became the big lie slogan of rioters, activists, and a complicit, left-wing media and political cabal.

Police around the country, fearful of becoming a media story, or tired of the jeering, snarling mobs that now surround and confront them in the course of their duties, have predictably began interacting more cautiously and less frequently with the public, to dire effect.

In Chicago, for example, police stops were down 90-percent in the first part of 2016, compared to 2015. Shootings in that city have skyrocketed. Heather MacDonald, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, blames the crime spike in Chicago (and other cities – it’s not a Chicago-specific phenomenon) on the abandonment of “broken windows” policing that sees police actively intervening in small, low-level public enforcement crimes. This retreat leads to disorder and emboldens criminals to commit more serious crimes. It’s a troubling shift in nationwide policing.

To make it worse, California is undertaking an unprecedented de-incarceration effort that is putting tens of thousands of criminals back out on the streets before their sentences are complete and making it more difficult to put offenders behind bars.

“Realignment,” 2014’s Proposition 47, and this year’s Proposition 57, all send a strong message to California criminals that the state is not interested in punishing them for their crimes.

It seems simple to understand that if you introduce more criminals into society, the result will be more crime.  True to form, California violent crime jumped 11-percent in the first six months of 2015, compared to 2014. Expect crime to spike even higher.

This is the worst possible time for the police to step back because they fear attacks, shaming or other fallout from simply doing their jobs to preserve law and order and keep us safe. The environment that has inflamed and emboldened sick criminals to murder public safety officers must change. It’s a dangerous job where officers make life-and-death decision in a fraction of a second, and they deserve wide latitude from the public and our deepest thanks.

Are there abuses of police power and individual officers who use bad judgment? Of course. And it’s incumbent on us to hold those bad actors accountable. But it’s foolish to attribute sins of the individuals to the whole profession.

FBI Director James Comey said in October that the “narrative that policing is biased and unfair…threatens the future of policing.” Director Comey should not have stopped there. A media-fueled degradation of respect for law enforcement threatens much more than the future of policing, it threatens the safe, civil society that we take too much for granted.

Honor our police.

Senator Ted Gaines represents the 1st Senate District, which includes all or parts of Alpine, El Dorado, Lassen, Modoc, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sacramento, Shasta, Sierra and Siskiyou counties.

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Governor Brown and First Lady Honor 2016 California Hall of Fame Inductees

Source: Office of Governor Brown  |  2016-12-08

10th class of California Hall of Fame Inductees. From left to right: Isabel Allende, Harrison Ford, Alicia Gwynn (representing Tony Gwynn), Ray Smith (representing Corita Kent), Governor Brown, First Lady Anne Gust Brown, William J. Perry, Maria Shriver, Russ Solomon and George Takei.

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. and First Lady Anne Gust Brown joined the California Museum to award the Spirit of California medal to eight Californians inducted into the California Hall of Fame this evening.

This year’s inductees include: acclaimed author Isabel Allende; film icon Harrison Ford; baseball legend Tony Gwynn; distinguished artist and social justice advocate Corita Kent; former U.S. Secretary of Defense and nuclear deterrence expert William J. Perry; groundbreaking journalist and former First Lady of California Maria Shriver; music business pioneer Russ Solomon; and celebrated actor and activist George Takei.

“This year’s inductees represent the latest of an endless series of geniuses and creators,” said Governor Brown. “Tonight, we celebrate achievement, vision and the artistic.”

Inductees and family members of posthumous inductees received the Spirit of California medal from the Governor and First Lady in the official state ceremony this evening at the California Museum in downtown Sacramento. This year marks the 10th annual award ceremony.

In addition to the ceremony, inductees will be commemorated with an exhibition of artifacts highlighting their lives and achievements, which opens to the public at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, Thursday, December 1 at the California Museum.

This year’s recipients join 96 Californians previously inducted into the California Hall of Fame for making remarkable achievements across a variety of California industries and areas of influence, including science, philanthropy, sports, business, entertainment, literature, technology, activism and politics.

For more information on the California Hall of Fame, please visit

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IRS Announces “National Tax Security Awareness Week”

Source: Internal Revenue Service Media  |  2016-12-08

The Internal Revenue Service and its Security Summit partners today announced the start of “National Tax Security Awareness Week.” As part of the Security Summit effort, the IRS, the states and the tax community will share a variety of information throughout next week to educate taxpayers on steps they should take to protect themselves from identity theft and tax scams as well as protect their valuable financial data in advance of the upcoming filing season.

The week, which runs Dec. 5-9, will feature a series of consumer warnings and tips that will be released daily and featured on the Taxes. Security. Together. web page.

The IRS, state tax agencies and the tax community came together in 2015 to combat tax-related identity theft as a coordinated partnership. But they realized one partner was missing:  taxpayers.

The IRS and its partners need the help of all taxpayers to help protect important tax and financial data. The Security Summit also needs the help of tax professionals and businesses to share information and help educate clients and employees about security measures.

“With holiday shopping underway and the 2017 tax season about to begin in January, we are entering a period where many people will be using sensitive financial and tax data on their computers,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “In the months ahead, more than 100 million tax returns will be completed on laptops and desktops by taxpayers and tax professionals, making this the perfect time to take steps to protect your valuable information. As the holiday season approaches, we also encourage everyone to look out for friends and family who may not be tech savvy and may be leaving their computers vulnerable to identity thieves.”

The IRS and its partners will be promoting a range of topics related to computer security and tax scams, reminding taxpayers to:

  • Always use security software with firewall and anti-virus protections.
  • Make sure the security software is always turned on and can automatically update.
  • Encrypt sensitive files such as tax records you store on your computer.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Learn to recognize and avoid phishing emails, threatening phone calls and texts from thieves posing as legitimate organizations such as your bank, credit card company and government organizations, including the IRS.
  • Do not click on links or download attachments from unknown or suspicious emails.
  • Protect your personal data.
  • Don’t routinely carry your Social Security card, and make sure your tax records are secure.
  • Treat your personal information like you do your cash; don’t leave it lying around.

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Kool & The Gang to Perform at Thunder Valley Casino Resort on New Year’s Eve

Source: Thunder Valley Casino Resort  |  2016-12-08

Thunder Valley Casino Resort is proud to announce that tickets will go on sale for their New Year’s Eve headliner Kool & the Gang tomorrow, September 9 for Thunder Rewards members and Saturday, September 10 for the general public.

Kool & The Gang will be performing two shows in Thunder Valley’s Pano Hall on New Year’s Eve – one at 7:30 p.m. and the other at 10:30 p.m. Kool & The Gang will perform their legendary hits like Too Hot, Get Down On It, their newest hit single Sexy, and to top it off, Celebration. Good times are here to kick off 2017!

“New Year’s Eve is going to be a huge celebration this year at Thunder Valley,” said Dawn Clayton, General Manager of Thunder Valley Casino Resort. “While our New Year’s Eve headliner Kool & The Gang will be a significant draw, Thunder Valley will also offer diverse entertainment options and promotions throughout the casino, so there is sure to be an option for all Thunder Valley guests.”

Tickets for this event go on sale exclusively for Thunder Rewards members at the Thunder Valley Box Office inside the casino at 10AM on Friday, September 9; tickets go on sale to the public at 10AM on Saturday, September 10.

For more information on upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration, visit

The resort features 14 restaurants and bars and is home to a luxury, 17-story hotel with a large banquet and entertainment hall capable of hosting events for up to 850 guests. An expansive outdoor pool offers private cabanas with hi-def TVs, dressers and changing area. Coconut Bar features poolside food and beverage service.

For more information on upcoming promotions, entertainment and ticket sales, or to make a reservation at Thunder Valley’s AAA Four Diamond resort, visit

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Donations Needed for Baby Basket Drive for New Moms at Sacramento Life Center

Source: Kristin Thébaud Communications  |  2016-12-08

A Sacramento Life Center client receives a baby basket shortly before giving birth. The center is running its annual Baby Basket Drive through December.

As local women and teens spend the holidays preparing to become new moms in the coming year, the Sacramento Life Center is holding its annual Baby Basket Drive through Dec. 31 so it can continue to provide a basket of needed items to every patient who gives birth in 2017. Donations can be made online at Gifts can be made in any increment, but a donation of $50 buys one basket, which includes formula, diapers, newborn clothes, pacifiers and more.

“Many of our patients come in scared that they might be pregnant, and it’s our job to provide them with a warm, caring support system and resources that will sustain them long after the baby comes,” said Marie Leatherby, executive director, Sacramento Life Center. “We want to encourage women, teen girls and their partners that they are capable of caring for a child. These baskets give new parents a boost of confidence along with much needed supplies.”

The Sacramento Life Center’s mission is to offer compassion, support, resources and free medical care to women and couples facing an unplanned or unsupported pregnancy. The Sacramento Life Center’s licensed Sac Valley Pregnancy Clinic includes a primary clinic and two Mobile Medical Clinics that provide all services for free, including pregnancy tests, STD tests, ultrasounds, peer counseling for men and women, education and resource referrals. The nonprofit also offers a school-based teen education program, a 24-hour hotline and a program for women seeking support after having an abortion. For more information about the Sacramento Life Center’s Sac Valley Pregnancy Clinic, visit For more information about the Sacramento Life Center or to make a donation, visit

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Celebrate the Holidays with Santa Dinger

Source: Sacramento River Cats  |  2016-12-08

You better watch out and you better not cry – Santa Dinger is coming to town! He’ll be spreading holiday cheer next Saturday, December 17 at the On Deck Shop at Raley Field.

Sacramento’s jolliest mascot will be dressed for the holiday season from noon to 2 p.m. on the 17th in the On Deck Shop just next to the main gates at Raley Field. Kids and families will have the chance to have their picture taken with Santa Dinger, as well as participate in various holiday arts and crafts.

While you're at the ballpark, don't miss the chance to do some last-minute shopping! Be sure to take a look at the On Deck Shop’s all new River Cats and Giants winter items, membership in Dinger’s Kids Club, and many more great items. 

Parking at Raley Field will be free for the event – all you need to bring is your holiday spirit!

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Aerojet Rocketdyne Supports Launch of WorldView-4 Commercial Earth Observation Satellite

Source: Aerojet Rocketdyne Communications  |  2016-12-08

“High-resolution commercial satellite imagery plays a critical role in modern society. We are proud to support the launch of WorldView-4 and its sophisticated technology, which millions of commercial users throughout the world will rely upon for years to come,” said Eileen Drake, president and CEO of AerojetRocketdyne.

Aerojet Rocketdyne, a subsidiary of Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AJRD), successfully supported the launch of WorldView-4, DigitalGlobe’s newest high-accuracy, high-resolution imaging satellite. The mission was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket today. Aerojet Rocketdyne propulsion on the Atlas V included the RL10C-1 upper-stage engine, six helium pressurization tanks and a dozen Centaur upper-stage Reaction Control System thrusters (RCS). For the WorldView-4 satellite, Aerojet Rocketdyne provides 12 MR-106L 5-lbf hydrazine rocket engines which provide all of the maneuvering and attitude control propulsion for the mission.

“High-resolution commercial satellite imagery plays a critical role in modern society, from helping to keep nations safe, to supporting disaster response efforts, to powering a wide range of location-enabled applications and services. We are proud to support the launch of WorldView-4 and its sophisticated technology, which millions of commercial users throughout the world will rely upon for years to come,” said Eileen Drake, president and CEO of AerojetRocketdyne.

Aerojet Rocketdyne's role in the launch began after separation of the first stage, when a single RL10C-1 upper-stage engine ignited to place the payload into orbit, helped by the Centaur thrusters and pressurization tanks. The RL10C-1 delivers 22,890 pounds of thrust to power the Atlas V upper stage, using cryogenic liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants during its operation.

The RL10C-1 was developed from the RL10 family of upper-stage engines, which have accumulated one of the most impressive track records of accomplishments in the history of space propulsion. More than 470 RL10 engines have supported launches over the last 50 years, helping to place military, government and commercial satellites into orbit, and powering scientific space-probe missions to every planet in our solar system.

The 12 MR-106 series 6-9 lbf Centaur upper-stage hydrazine thrusters provide roll, pitch and yaw control, as well as settling burns. Aerojet Rocketdyne has flown more than 3,000 MR-106 series 6-9 lbf thrusters with 100 percent mission success. ARDÉ, a subsidiary of Aerojet Rocketdyne based in New Jersey, provided the pressure vessels on the first and second stages of the launch vehicle.

WorldView-4 was built by Lockheed Martin and is owned and operated by DigitalGlobe. The satellite will orbit Earth every 90 minutes, traveling 17,000 miles per hour and capturing as much as 680,000 square kilometers of the Earth’s surface daily – the equivalent of the land area of Texas. The 12 MR-106L engines on the WorldView-4 satellite are located at the corners of the satellite to provide three-axis control, as well as maneuvering of the satellite. Each rocket engine is approximately the size of an average person’s hand and weighs less than 1.5 pounds.

Additional information about Aerojet Rocketdyne can be obtained by visiting our websites at and

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