It’s Time to Spruce Up Your Sprinklers!

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG)  |  By Sacramento Suburban Water District Staff
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Top 5 Sprinkler Problems to Watch for This Spring

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Most of the water we use goes to watering our yards and landscapes. By checking your sprinklers on a regular basis for problems and fine-tuning their performance, you can make sure every drop counts.

Here are some of the top problems:

Broken Sprinklers

At least monthly, run your sprinklers one zone at a time and look for any broken sprinklers and replace them as soon as you find them.

Clogged sprinklers

Dirt and debris like grass clippings and twigs can clog the nozzles on a sprinkler leading to a blocked or uneven spray.

Misdirected sprinklers

Sprinklers can sometimes be bumped when the lawn is mowed and end up watering the driveway, sidewalk or even your house. Walk your yard and look for sprinklers that are not pointed in the right direction.

Broken Connections

If you notice a sprinkler isn’t working and there’s a large wet or soggy area in your yard, it’s possible you have broken sprinkler line or leak.


After you run your sprinklers check for water running into the street and storm drain. If you see excess water, shorten your sprinklers’ run time.

And don’t forget, Sacramento Suburban Water District is here to help you keep your sprinkler system operating at its best. Call us today at 916.972.7171 to set up a Water-Wise House Call. Our water efficiency experts will adjust your sprinkler timer and troubleshoot any problems. They will also let you know how to apply for rebates for sprinkler system upgrades and WaterSense-labeled weather-based irrigation controllers.