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Consumer News

Driving A Bargain

Posted: 2/9/2012

Depreciation is the single highest cost of car ownership. A new program can remove many concerns
Depreciation is the single highest cost of car ownership. A new program can remove many concerns.

(NAPSI)—Some new-car buyers are getting a glimpse into the future—and not just at the high-tech capabilities of the vehicle.

In addition, they get a look at what that car will be worth when they’re done with it. After all, purchasing a new vehicle can be one of life’s big events. You want to know everything you can about the true value of your options, including the future trade-in value of the vehicle you’re considering.

How It Works

That’s where a new program that futureproofs the value of your new car comes in. The dealers provide a written guarantee that says exactly how much the car will be worth two, three or four years from date of purchase.

If you go back to the dealer at any time during months 24 through 48 of ownership, you can trade in your qualifying vehicle toward the purchase of a new one. The vehicle is assessed to determine the current market value, which is then compared to the guaranteed value. The higher of either the guaranteed value or the current market value, less any applicable mileage charges or damage costs, can be applied to the purchase of a new Hyundai. The guarantee, dealers say, is possible because Hyundai’s residual values are among the highest in the industry.

What Else You Get

In addition, all the company’s vehicles sold in the U.S. are covered by a complimentary Assurance program, which includes a five-year/60,000-mile fully transferable new-vehicle warranty, a 10-year/ 100,000-mile power train warranty and five years of complimentary roadside assistance as well as the trade-in value guarantee.

Further Futures

Meanwhile, the company’s engineers and designers have a few more ideas in mind when it comes to forward-thinking technology. These include:

• A fuel-cell electric vehicle that doesn’t need heavy batteries, can go up to 400 miles between refueling and never needs to be recharged.

• Location sharing, which sends your vehicle location to your friends and followers on social networking sites so they can keep track of your urban adventures.

• A roof made of a translucent composite covered by a glass skin for a major weight savings.

• Composite body panels and an elastic front safety system that reduces the chance of pedestrian injury.

Learn More

For more information and a look at the other forward-thinking aspects of these cars, you can visit or call (800) 633-5151.


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